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Last Night We Went to a Movie

Last night we went to see a movie in a movie theatre. For many people this is a regular or at least occasional thing to do – a very ordinary, enjoyable occurrence. For us, the extraordinary has become ordinary – making new cruising friends in remote wilderness anchorages, bald eagles circling overhead, stunning sunsets and inky star-filled nights, new scenery each day, different ports, living with the vagaries of wind, weather and water. But going to a movie is an extraordinary experience. The last time we went to a movie theatre was in Canberra in Oz, with my grand-niece...

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The Cow Path

We are on our way home. By car, 3 hours. By sailboat, 3 weeks minimum…. including several long 10 hour travel days and one 30 hour overnight leg. But we don’t mind, as long as the weather cooperates, which, touch wood, it has done so far. We are cruising, but no longer tourists – we are pretty much just going from A to B. Having said that, our cow path home has taken us through friend-filled pastures, which has added to the enjoyment, along with the pleasant Indian summer weather. After a scary cold snap which felt more like...

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Leaving Georgian Bay

We’re on our way, crossing from Snug Harbour near Parry Sound, to Wingfield Basin at the top of the Bruce Peninsula. While Hurricane Irma wrecks the beautiful Caribbean, and the mop-up from Harvey continues in Texas, and other storms brew to wreak havok elsewhere, we are immensely thankful for this grey, gloomy, a little lumpy with swells, but relatively easy day. This is a bitter sweet moment. We arrived here on July 5 last year, and have explored Georgian Bay, the North Channel and Lake Superior. We hauled the boat last winter in Midland, Ontario, and found the town...

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Grandkids Corner: The Magic Hour

Tilly, Owliver and Wiggy were on a dinghy ride through the channels on Heywood Island. It was late afternoon and the sun was almost setting. The light reflected on the calm water, and bounced off the ripples made by the dinghy in the water. “This is the magic hour” said Poppa. “What sort of magic happens now?” asked Wiggy. “Well,” said Nana, “not real magic. But the late afternoon sun and makes everything look more beautiful than normal and that is magical”. Tilly looked at the reflection of the trees in the water. It looked like a mirror. That...

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Drag Party in Heywood

This may not be what you think from the title. No cross dressing, music, drinks, fun. But lots of action at this drag party. Anchor dragging, I mean. Fortunately not ours! We came to Heywood Island two days ago to hunker down here from the strong winds predicted. We anchored in the more protected east end, down a narrow channel, only one other boat, a power catamaran anchored deep in the cove in the shallows. The next morning several other sailboats joined us seeking protection.  One anchored a little close for comfort in front of us. We watched our...

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