It has been so long since I have posted a blog that I have almost forgotten how! In the blur of arriving in Midland, completely emptying our “home” of everything, cleaning, hauling, packing and becoming landlubbers again, blogging fell by the wayside. As you have likely assumed by now, Tai Chi is on the hard in Midland. Wrapped up for the winter, cosy and secure…we hope.

Here is how it happened, in pictures.

We arrived in Midland without incident, at Bay Shore Marina. Midland is a pleasant little town with lots of murals. You can get anywhere in the town in 5 minutes by car. We rented a car and a storage unit. There is nothing good to be said about packing and cleaning, hauling and storing…it is just plain hard work!

Then the boat was hauled out of the water. The bottom was power washed and then the real heavy cleaning and winterizing began:

We went back to Toronto for a visit with friends on the island(what a view!)….

…and to make a cake and cupcakes for our granddaughter Amelia’s 6th birthday (a sleepover party with friends).

We drove back to Killarney to the cottage for a couple of weeks to host Thanksgiving for the whole family…fun and games! Back in Toronto Liz went on a couple of fall hikes with her friends.

Now the boat is all covered and wrapped for the winter. While enjoying reconnecting with friends and family, we are busy packing. This South African girl has had enough of winter in Canada! We are off to New Zealand and Australia for a couple of months, and then the UK for the month of March. In between packing yesterday, Steve repaired our malfunctioning bilge pump which we had brought home. So Tai Chi is never far from our thoughts…even now. But for this cruising season, until we uncover her next April, it’s a wrap!

Courtesy of Skipper Steve, here are a few stats from this cruising season:

  • Total number of nautical miles travelled: 1,469.3 (2,721.1 km)
  • Average travel day: 22.6 nautical miles (41.8 km)
  • Maximum travel day (Sarnia to Tobermory): 144 nautical miles (267 km)
  • Total engine hours: 369
  • Total days aboard: 129
  • Days travelling: 64
  • Days at rest: 65
  • Overnights between June 6 and September 21: 58.7% anchored out, 11% mooring ball, 29.4% docked, 0.9% at sea