The slow realization that since we are both retired now, we do not need to stick to a rigorous schedule OR previously laid plans, has given us new-found freedom. We are “adjusting our sails”! We have decided not to rush through this fresh water paradise in order to get back to the Toronto area to haul this winter as originally planned.

Instead we will spend more time up here, head into southern Georgian Bay and haul the boat at Bayport Yachting Centre in Midland in early October. We had always planned to haul the boat this winter anyway as we are flying to Australia, New Zealand and the UK this winter to visit friends and family.  So we will spend another summer (2017) in Georgian Bay and Lake Superior before heading home and on to Newfoundland in the spring of 2018! (Unless, of course, we “adjust our sails” again)!

This is why:

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