We had a rollicking ride from Britt, sailing on a beam reach, topping 7 knots on a reefed main and staysail. We surfed on waves over a meter high through the first set of rocks on the channel into the Bad River before the water quieted down, and then motored the rest of the way in and dropped the hook. Shortly after lunch storm clouds congregated and it became so dark that our pretty solar “firefly” lamp on the back was tricked into thinking it was night. And then the rain came down, accompanied by thunder and lightning. We drank tea and played scrabble!

The next day was clear and sunny, so we took the dinghy and went exploring. Through a small channel cut in the rocks we found a peaceful world of smooth pink granite rocks, a maze of islands and channels all running parallel to each other east to west, opening up to Georgian Bay, part of the French River Basin. The Devils Door Rapids, and several other channels of rapids run between the rocks and islands. We took the dinghy down and up the former, but others were a little too adventurous for us to attempt. We just serviced our dinghy motor in Britt and did not want to do it any harm!

We trolled along the channels, admiring the water-lilies, marsh marigolds, wild roses and arrowheads all in bloom. Osprey soared overhead. Seagulls chattered, following us – not realizing that our fishing skills (or lack thereof) would not likely produce the scraps they were looking for. And then we surprised even ourselves, catching a decent sized pike, which, when I later filleted and cooked it, was more than enough for the two of us for dinner. And also provided the seagulls with something to really fight over!

We climbed a rocky island late in the evening to get a good view of the anchorage. By that time a friendly power cruiser couple, Theo and Kate, from Detroit, had anchored nearby, popped over to check in with us, and stayed for a drink and a chat.

The sun set over the rocky channels turning the water gold and making animated silhouettes of the crooked pines. Pretty place. We will be back.