Mid-winter, in an after-Christmas hiatus, so only three of us were hardy enough to venture out. The wimps were in Florida for a few months. Sheesh.

As it happened, despite some cold and wicked wintry weather before and after, we had a spectacular ‘weather window’ for this hike. It was sunny and bright, a smattering of snow on open ground and crisp leaves on the ground, but no sludge or ice or nastiness.P1320182

Apparently, the Rouge Park  is the largest urban park in North America. It is one of a few wilderness areas left in South-Central Ontario, and has been close to being untouched by development since the arrival of Europeans.

P1320197The 10 km trail was varied, starting out with some steep slopes leading over a ridge on the Mast Trail which follows a 200 year old logging road where large trees were cut down and floated down the river to Lake Ontario. There the logs were transported to ship building yards in Europe. There were lovely views from the Vista Trail.P1320184

It felt wonderful being out on a perfect day – some ups and downs on this ‘intermediate’ hike but at only 10.5 kms it felt fairly effortless. As usual we found a great cafe to warm up over a bowl of soup afterwards – this time on Queen Street in the Beach.


Date: January 2, 2015
Trail Guide: https://www.torontohiking.com/tohi/rouge-river-valley.html
Distance: 10 kms
Who: Sari, Liz, and Astrid
Highlight: Trying to attract chickadees to eat from our hands!
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