Wooded Trail

A hot mid-summer day for this hike, which started with a steepish climb to work up a sweat once we found the trail head by walking up a paved road from the parking lot.
We skipped the Primrose Loop trail due to the heat and consideration for a couple of  team members who were wearing new shoes.

I had Alfie, son Nick’s dog, along for the hike for the first time. Alfie and Oatie were great together off-leash, running ahead of us on the trail and circling back when they got too far ahead. However Alfie is a Beagle/Collie mix and loves rolling in disgusting things, and he did indeed find something very revolting to roll in along the trail. I washed him as we crossed one of the many streams, but inevitable I suppose, he managed to find the same objectionable odorous object on the way back, despite my best attempt to keep an eye on him!

View from Murphy's Pinnacle

View from Murphy’s Pinnacle

We enjoyed the view from Murphy’s Pinnacle – a grassy hill providing a great vista of the surrounding countryside; and the narrow verdant valley of the Boyne River. Apparently Murphy’s Pinnacle is a sand and gravel kame (good Balderdash word) created during glacial retreat 12,000 years ago.


Playing Pooh Sticks!

The mighty Boyne River makes its’ presence known in many parts of the hike as we crossed over its tributaries a number of times. We kept up our hiking tradition of playing Pooh Sticks on the wooden bridges, and were very tempted to jump in to cool off with the dogs.

The terrain was pleasantly varied too – with wooded sections, stream crossings, meadows and bordering farmland. We met some local hikers who rerouted us at one point where we had missed a marker, and gave us some tips on local watering holes. As it happened we had reservations at The Globe in the nearby village of Primrose, where each item of the lunch menu was a luscious work of art!

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Lunch at The Globe, Primrose – a work of art!

Date: July 27, 2015
Trail Guide: http://www.torontohiking.com/tohi/boyne-river-provincial-park.html
Distance: 11 kms, intermediate
Who: Mary, Anne, Pam, Nancy, Sari, Fran, Liz, Charlotte, Alfie and Oatie