3 October 2012

I have good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad. As you can see from this blog title, we are not in Cape May, Delaware Bay or the Chesapeake as we intended to be at this point. We are in fact still at Lockwood Boatworks – still up the creek without an engine. And the really bad news is that they have removed the injector pump and injectors and are fixing/rebuilding all of it – to the tune of approximately 5 boat units (for our non-sailing friends that is $5K, not $500).

Still up the creek…with an egret for company!

So here we sit while all our cruising friends and sailing buddies from home gather in Annapolis for the buzz of the boat show, the seminars, the deals and of course the parties. There is no way we can make the boat show in Tai Chi. However, if the work is not done by the weekend, we may rent a car and go for a day anyway.

Liz and Steve in Times Square, New York

The good news is, we are surrounded by great people. Chief among them, our friend Mat. He lives in Brooklyn and has been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout this ordeal.On Saturday, he arranged on short notice to have two of his employees mind his collectables store, The Hot Corner. He then drove here, picked us up and took us into Manhattan to see the Broadway musical ‘Spiderman’ for which he had purchased tickets.  Mat at one time worked for a publishing company in downtown Manhattan so he really knew his way around. We parked a couple of blocks from the theatre and walked through Times Square.

Spiderman! Steve and Mat and I are in the audience – bottom right

The show itself was spectacular – the comic book set, and special effects including visually dynamic angular Manhattan skyline scenery with changing perspectives and the flying, climbing spidermen (several of them to ensure the aerobatic, fast-moving effect), were very entertaining. The music by Bono, the singing and choreography really rounded out the amazing experience, so our advice to others who were put off by the show’s initial bad reviews (mostly due to its high production cost) is to go anyway.

After the show, Mat took us on a personal tour of Manhattan. We drove by famous milestones such as the Library, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History, the Dakota (where John Lennon lived and died), through Central Park, passed the Court-House and Manhattan Municipal Offices, and across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Museum of Natural History, NY

Having passed underneath the Brooklyn Bridge on Tai Chi, and seen it from the Manhattan side, we were able to get the different perspective by driving over it and admiring the view of Manhattan from Brooklyn, as the evening light faded and the city lights came on.

We drove to the Hot Corner, Mat’s store, which sells sports memorabilia, cards and collectibles.

The Hot Corner, Brooklyn

We have known Mat for several years and he has visited us in Toronto many time, so it was a privilege for us to finally see his store. We were given the grand tour and admired the autographs on the wall, including those of son Nick and his band mates Tyler and Ryan.

We went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn – one of Mat’s favourites – and had an excellent meal to round out the day. A very pleasant distraction from our current situation and concerns.

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