Ahoy from Great Kills Harbour, Staten Island!

Yesterday we had an amazing run down the East River, a mind-blowing, memorable ride through the heart of New York City. Steve and I felt so small and insignificant on Tai Chi as we passed under the Throgs Neck, the first of 9 bridges. Despite being a little ahead of ideal timing for the current (in order to make our destination in daylight), we had good current carrying us most of the way, and clocked 9.3 knots of speed through the water at Hell Gate, near the mouth of the Harlem River. As we continued down the East River close to Manhattan skyscrapers we heard police sirens and traffic noise and could see the road congestion just meters away from us. And yet we felt strangely detached from it as we floated beside – as it we were watching an Imax movie on a giant screen. After the buildings and city traffic we emerged into the harbour and started to experience water traffic ourselves – ferries charging in and out, water taxis, commercial liners, barges, a few other pleasure craft, sightseeing tour boats, helicopters, airplanes, and even the Queen Mary 2, just leaving port.

No time to go into more detail now, but pictures tell a thousand words, so here is the sneak preview. View our photo journal for the East River through Manhattan to Staten Island.

There’s not much more to add to this preview. We were really very lucky to have such great weather, favourable currents, and crisp ‘fall’ air with no haziness for our sail down the ‘river with no source and two mouths’. It was very memorable. We had spent the morning with our rigging expert, Jeff, putting on a new halyard, and a new lifeline, and sorting out some other rigging plans. We had put the battens in the main sail and left City Island after lunch, in a relaxed manner. After the eye-popping ride we spent the evening relaxing on a mooring in peaceful Great Kills Harbour. A great day.


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