We are currently anchored in Onset, MA, having passed through the Cape Cod Canal. The best part of the day was the canal itself. Although we bucked a 3-4 knot current all the way, it was calm and sunny, there was very little traffic, and the railway lift bridge was up when we came to it so all went smoothly. We ate our lunch as we passed Sandwich, MA, (sandwiches of course), and enjoyed watching people watching us, as well as those strolling or biking along the canal on either side.

Watching people watch us!

Despite our slow progress due to the current against us, the 10 miles went by quickly and we were soon passing the MA Maritime Academy at the end of the canal. From there it was a short stretch into the anchorage between islands in Onset Bay. We watched as other cruising sailboats joined us, dropping their anchors in the quiet bay, until the sun went down.

We left Provincetown this morning, and with good wind and quite a bit of chop crossed Cape Cod Bay at 7.5 knots all the way with a reefed main and staysail. Other than seeing one shark, the 3 hour trip was uneventful.

I woke up this morning worrying about our chart-plotter chips, so jumped up to check and sure enough, it only covers to Nantucket – we can just get to Cuttyhunk before we are out of chart coverage! So as soon as the clock turned 9 am I called Club Jepperson to order more CMAP chips (on their trade-in scheme) for the next two coverage areas. We can’t go further without them. It turns out that they are just down the road from Onset, so they said they would send them UPS and the chips would be at the local Yacht Club by tomorrow morning at the latest. Phew! Big sigh of relief. It may mean a day delay, but at least we can make use of our time here in Onset to do laundry, fill up with water, pump out, re-provision etc.

On Saturday we stayed “home”…..that is to stay we stayed on the boat all day – a rare occurrence – on anchor in the middle of Provincetown harbour. I blogged and emailed and we researched route and overnight options, checked tide and current tables and made arrangements for future stops.

Swim for Life, Provincetown

In the morning we noticed a large flotilla of kayakers passing us on their way out to Long Point Beach. It was not until we heard more noise a few hours later that we went out into the cockpit to find ourselves surrounded by swimmers and their kayak escourts – we were anchored in the middle of the “Swim for Life” event – a 1.6 mile annual fundraiser for Aids, Women’s Health, and Community. There were hundreds of brave swimmers – the wind had kicked up and the water was choppy. We cheered them on from our boat and gave encouragement to those close by.

Great vibe in downtown P-town

Yesterday we took time to explore Provincetown, which is a quaint little town with a great vibe. The streets are full of people, beach bars, galleries, restaurants, inns and a mix of tacky souvenir and tasteful nick-knacks shops. We stopped at a gourmet sandwich shop, picked up a picnic lunch, and took it up the hill to eat at the base of the Pilgrims Monument.

Yes, we climbed all 116 steps and 60 ramps to the top of the Pilgrims’ Monument

Fueled up, we climbed the 116 steps  and 60 ramps of the granite tower, and it was totally worth the effort. The 360 degree view from the top was amazing, once I got over vertigo queasiness enough to actually look down! We browsed the pilgrims museum afterwards, since the cost of admission included both. The reason that P-town makes a big deal about pilgrims is that the Mayflower stopped there in 1620. What amazed us was the rapid rate of colonization that occurred in this part of the continent in the early 1600’s. We enjoyed walked through town again, browsing in shops and people watching, before heading back to the boat for dinner. A rainbow appeared, growing stronger and fuller, until it was a complete arch with a faint double”. After the strong wind and storms of Saturday night, Sunday had been cooler but pleasant with little wind and no waves. We were not quite sure what the rainbow was promising. As it turned out we had a lot more wind and scattered cloud today for our Cape Cod crossing.View our photo journal for Provincetown and Cape Cod Canal.

View from the top of the monument


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